Capture those feeting moments forever
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As a mother myself, I have years of experience watching for those tiny important moments that are important from your heart. When you hire me for your session I will be watching your children for who they are not just taking a pretty picture of them. After I have many parents come back and tell me that I have captured their personality. I am a mother of 2 sweet children. I have been married for over 10 years. I was raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
I started this company because I love bringing joy to people and pictures of your portrait session my clients come back to me with words of how happy they are or tears after seeing their newborn session brings me more love and happiness then I could ever ask. The money for this job means nothing to me compared to the reward of what the happiness and emotion my client gets after a session from my photography.
If you allow me to trust my instincts, you just might be surprised by what you get! My studio resides in Gilbert, Arizona with my husband and a boy and a girl. I am available for commission for portraits in Phoenix, AZ.
I received associates degree in Computer Animation The Art Institute of Pittsburgh then went to The Art Institute Los Angeles for a bachelor degree for 2 years in Computer Science. I worked in Visual Effects in the movies in Los Angeles, CA for 5 years then moved to Phoenix and started my Photography company in 2008.
My education taught me sculpting, traditional drawing, developing photography in dark room, commercial art, perspective, painting, animation, 3D animation. As well as I grew up practicing those mediums as well as my hobbies.
After I finished college in Pittsburgh I drove across the country to finish collage in to Los Angeles, California. It was my dream to work in the movies since I was a child. I told myself I was going to put my name on the big screen in film and I did just that. I almost finished my BA in computer science 1 class away and got asked to work on The Polar Express. From there the rest was history I worked in Visual Effects computer Animation for 4 years. Studied Photography in high school. Moved to Phoenix to have a family and taught myself photography the composition was all I needed to learn and the SLR in Manual mode. I already had the basic art skills and computer skills.


Photography has been a part of my entire life since I was a kid. I would spend hours looking at my Grandparents National Geographic magazines. I would dream of being a photographer that traveled all over the world.  Capturing photos of unique individuals and places.  During our family events I was the one always behind the camera since I was about 14.  I took photography classes in high school where I learned lighting techniques and even developed my film in a darkroom.
I love meeting new clients and learning more about them. Every single day I educate myself in photography, business, and learning new skills to help teach photographers.
I started my business in 2008. I was reading Max Lucado book The Cure for the Common life and he was talking about the gifts God gives you. Basically what brings you peace. I knew it was photography because I had years of background  fir work in photography, business, book keeping, 15 years in Adobe Photoshop I went naturally into it. After the birth of my son, my husband bought me my first SLR camera. My Mother in-law and friends inspired me to turn my hobby into a Profession. I am extremely passionate about. My hubby calls me the " Mamaparazzi ".



Leslie through the years (maid of honor below)