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check out my new blog for the latest baby photography photos-




Baby slideshow here


Cake smash gallery

My photography studio for the past 6.5 years has been filled with babies and baby props just for your baby!

3 month old babies

same baby age 6 months old

and the same baby at age 9 month's old

1 month old baby (picture from 2007

Header image

Hi Leslie, just wanted you to know we got the prints and they are gorgeous! Thank you so much :)

Sacha & Ed

2 month old baby


1 month old baby

2 month old newborn

3 month old baby photography phoenix photographer


leslie is has a easy going personalality while photographing her newborns she does have some rules and guidelines she has to follow to keep with safety for your baby.


1 month old baby, I can take your babies photos at this age but they might be awake most of the time so you can't get too many of the tight curled poses

1 month old baby

2 month old baby can lift their head up


7 MONTH old baby

Big brother loves his sweet newborn baby brother.

3 month old baby pictures


3 month old baby photography studio

"I really am enjoying these pictures, they exceeded my expectations "~ Kristina Parks

" Thank you so much for taking such beautiful photos!! Can't wait to work with you again! "~ Nea :)

7 MONTH old baby


9 MONTH old baby

4 month old baby below, “ I downloaded the photos, I can't stop looking at them again you did such an amazing job . It was a pleasure working with you and I absolutely love the pics. Looking forward to working with you again."
Here is a Testimonial from her Mommy Danielle


"We got the CD today and the images are beautiful as always!  You have an amazing way of working your magic to capture our daughter's every personality in our selection of photographs.  Wow!  Thank you so much for capturing these memories for us. " ~Sara H.

1 year old birthday celebrate with a cake smash

The best 1st birthday photo sessions is under the prices and packagespage- it's called - Baby sessions -1 hour session. You will receive

[2 sets ups and 2 outfits]- `1 hour photo session + 30 minutes + email/phone calls for leslie to help your child's clothing coordinate with the backdrops etc.

I would love help tailor your session to your style. your cake will be custom made from christa's cake for kids. The best baker in Phoenix. She is amazing, the parents taste it and say "wow this is amazing" & take it home after it's so good.



Return the same year after your newborn and get a beautiful digital collage of both sessions

BABIES and Newborns

Babies age 3 months and up are lots of fun to photograph-

Capture your baby’s milestones, giggles, smiles, and personality with Leslie Styler Photography’s custom, one-of-a-kind baby sessions! From their first smile, to first tooth, to first step, she will these capture Fading, Cherished moments with heart and soul. Leslie takes pleasure in making each session a completely custom experience that fits your family’s style from colors to textures, from wardrobe to wall art. She designs the style to match your home because these photos aren't just a picture of your child they will become more of a fine art piece. Combined with Leslie's expert artistry, the result is a stunning portrait of who your baby really is, before they grow into a changed baby.

Where will the session be and how long will it last

I photograph newborns and baby sessions in my photography studio in phoenix arizona. My studio is located in phoenix, Arizona.
I keep the studio very warm because babies like it to be warm and cozy since they just came out out a warm Mommy. remember to Dress in cool clothes.


1-14 day newborn baby



Newborn sessions are generally booked 1-3 months in advance. Contact me to check with me for availability. I welcome new clients every weekend. if you decide to book with leslie styler photography, I love doing new and creative poses on newborns. If you find photos from another photographer bring them with you or email them. The more you are prepared the faster and smoother your babies newborn session will go.

How do I book a newborn session not knowing the date?
What I do for newborns is I give you 2-3 weeks in case you deliver early or late you will for . All I ask is that you can please let me know as soon as the baby is born so that I can schedule around your session.
Do you have props ?
I have at least 6 baskets full of newborn girl and boy hats, diaper covers, headbands, tutu's, cocoons, hammock, stools, baskets, antiques, baskets, doll bed, .

How do I book a newborn session not knowing the date?
What I do for newborns is I give you 2-3 weeks in case you deliver early or late you will for . I will photograph your baby at any age, under the age of 14 days they will wake up and you can't get those tiny curled poses. But I can still get those beautiful baby photos you are looking for at any age. call or email me and we can book your baby today.


"I love this beautiful canvas from Grace's 7 month session with you! It is a wonderful quality and makes me smile every time I walk into her room. Thank you! "Katie F. (picture above)




Babies who are 3, 6, and 9 months I have mini sessions as well as 1 hour sessions. This way you those of you who are on a more tight budget the min sessions help to get more sessions a year.

The mini portrait sessions are 30 minutes long, there is only 15 pictures but you will at least have a professional portraits taken. The first year for your baby is very important for you to get photos taken those

faces change the most the first year of their life. My Mom talked me into it when I had my first child and I did that every 3 months which I am so happy and thankful I did. If you do 1 hour sessions or mini session

at the end of the year I willl give you a free printed collage of them that year. Even if I didn't get your newborn you can send me a picture and I can create it for you with the rest of the sessions I did for you.

This year in May I bought a brand new Nikon D800 that barely anyone could get because everyone wanted it. This camera is unbelievably clear and sharp. You can see the drops of water on a face when it's raining. I am in love with this camera. Plus I added new pro lenses to my collection. I want to give my clients the best I can by using their hard earned money for pictures they will treasure for a lifetime.



ANGEL newborns




For ideas for baby how to pose, props etc. I have a little white and a wood stool, a couple boxes to prop up against, also some little chairs
this is the company I bought the backgrounds from but they have adorable ideas!

Celebrate their 1st birthday with a cake smash

baby portraits. Photography mini packages .

Leslie Styler Photography also offers one hour birthday portrait sessions

My cake smash Pinterest board to help with ideas or clothing or props

Cake smash portraits, 1 year baby


Thanks again for all the wonderful pictures. It has been a hard time narrowing down ~Angie J.

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