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check out my new blog for the latest newborn photography -


Do you have those cute props and headband or hats that we usually see in this kind of pictures or should I get those to bring to our newborn photo session?

Leslie Styler Photography has a studio full of baskets wraps, headbands, hats, diaper covers, and more props and such as wood type physical props.

She has 6 years of storage fully of backgrounds and loads of beautiful props for your sweet newborn.

You can come and not have to worry about bringing a thing.

If you would like to buy special props for your session please do and bring as much as you want.

I love adding new props all the time!



Newborn slideshow here

BABIES and Newborns. Newborn PHotography is highly specialized,

I have been photographing newborns for 7 years. It takes years of extensive training.






The most precious time to photograph a newborn is between 1-14 days of life.

During this time babies will usually hold some of the natural curl from when they were in mommy.

Newborn babies are also more sleepy, moldable and flexible for the most desired poses.

It's the best time to get those poses that everyone talks about.

Portraits of newborns are the most important photos to most new parents because your canvas or framed photo can hang right in their nursery.

Plus the grandparents love getting these because they know this only happens once in a lifetime.

I give each parent a few 2-3 weekend dates around your due date to make sure your baby gets in on the first week of life,

I try my very best to get you in the same week as your baby's delivery.




Keep in mind, that a baby is changing so rapidly in the very first month, growing and becoming more alert, staying awake for longer periods of time, the younger your newborn baby, the better they will relax into a deep sleep and result the beautiful poses you see in our gallery.Your curling, sleeping newborn will make for the most memorable and meaningful photographs. At 14 days newborns usually hit a growth spurt and much of the session is spent feeding rather than taking photos. I prefer to try to schedule the shoot before the baby is 14 days old. However I do newborn sessions with babies that are 14 days every week. it requires a lot of patience on both our parts. The session will take up to 2-3 hours as your baby sleeps less and lighter. The finished shots will be worth it.. You will be much happier if you do earlier on. Sessions for newborns usually take anywhere from 1-2 hours to leave room for changing, feeding, and cuddling in between shots.

if your baby is 3+ weeks the session isn't going to go as normal newborn baby photo sessions go. The baby will be awake most of the time, you will have more shots of the babies eyes and maybe 2-5 sleeping. If you are wanting baby portraits then I can still give you beautiful pictures of your baby. I have had some babies sleep even at 3-4 weeks old.

Limited sessions available - I shoot 96 photography sessions a year only. I hope to be able to get your family in. Please be sure to book far in advance.

baby on the right is 14 day old newborn baby

Newborn sessions are generally booked 1-6 months in advance. Contact me to check with me for availability. From time to time I take last minute sessions because I give each birth I welcome new clients every weekend. if you decide to book with leslie styler photography, I love doing new and creative poses on newborns. If you find photos from another photographer bring them with you or email them I am happy to help create what beautiful photos you will cherish for a lifetime. The more you are prepared the faster and smoother your babies newborn session will go.


Where will the session be and how long will it last

I photograph newborns and baby sessions in my photography studio in phoenix arizona. My studio is located in Gilbert, Arizona exactly 30 minutes from old town scottsdale.
I keep the studio very warm because babies like it to be warm and cozy since they just came out out a warm Mommy. remember to Dress in cool clothes.

Some of my packages offer birth announcements

the next 2 newborns are photographed with studio lighting during the week only


Should I bring newborn clothes to my newborn photography session?
Newborns will be naked the entire time except if you want a diaper cover at the end for family pictures sometimes they tend to get upset from being naked and not going to the bathroom from having a diaper on. I can't pose them with clothes on really so it's pointless to bring clothes at a newborn stage as cute as they are.Plus they are only this tiny once it's nice to see all of them clothing really hides that.


Leslie! It was so great working with you taking Nathanael's newborn picture. All the pictures came out great. You were so patient with him (and us) and your creativity shows in each picture. Thank you again! (from newborn above)
Silvia J.


"I booked my first session with Leslie for a newborn session and she exceeded my expectations! I have never seen more beautiful photos and she really listens to her clients and shows them that she truly cares about doing a great job for them. I will continue to book sessions with Leslie for my son and future children!"~Chelsea B



This Mother's reveiw is below her pictures


"I am so thankful that I found Leslie Styler to do newborn photos of my first daughter. I knew that it would be important to capture the early days of my daughter’s life and I am so thankful that I did. Now that she is 6 months old I see what people mean when they say that time flies by. Leslie took the most gorgeous photos of my 10-day-old baby girl and I will cherish these photos forever. Leslie is so sweet and accommodating and very easy to work with. My husband and I were immediately put at ease when we arrived at her studio. Leslie has a wide variety of props, backgrounds, blankets, headbands and hats. It was especially nice that I didn’t have to worry about bringing those. It was our first time leaving the house since the hospital and I already had a ton of stuff I needed to remember to bring! After selecting various props we went ahead and began the photo shoot. Leslie has such a calm and peaceful nature and she was a natural with my baby, gently positioning her as she slept. Leslie was so happy and excited during the shoot and I could tell she really loves what she does. Half way through, we needed to stop because my baby was crying and needed to be fed. As a first time mom, I was exhausted from a lack of sleep and was really struggling with breastfeeding. My baby was crying frantically and as I struggled to feed her Leslie was so kind, supportive, encouraging, and compassionate. This was my first time trying to feed my baby outside my home and I was clearly upset and frustrated. I can’t thank Leslie enough for her kindness and compassion to me in that moment. Her kind words encouraged me and made me feel so supported at a very difficult time. She even held my baby for a little while I pulled myself together. She was such a blessing. Leslie spent more than the allotted time outlined in our contract to make sure I got a picture of my little girl dressed as a bunny since it was close to Easter. When I received my photos from her after the shoot I was blown away by how beautiful they were. Since then, Leslie has followed up with me on the progress of my baby. It is so wonderful to meet someone who is so genuine, kind, and talented. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Leslie to anyone to take photos of their child. I honestly think that Leslie could charge a lot more for her photo sessions because her work is of such a high caliber. I believe that Leslie keeps her prices reasonable because she loves what she does and wants to make this experience accessible for all parents. As a mother, she knows how special and important it is to capture these fleeting moments of your child’s life. Thank you Leslie for our beautiful photos and God bless!"


Wow!!! They are beautiful!! Everyone just loved her pictures!  You did such an amazing job.  Looks like you will have a returning customer!!!!

Why do my clients say they hire me?

I have been told many things, 1 my artistic talent, warm feeling about my work, it's timeless


Why should you want to invest in hiring me?

I am a great listener, I care very deeply about your newborn photo session as much as I would care for my own children's photos. The reason why I care is I love giving you something that is more than just pictures. I want your portrait session to be photos you are happy to look at years down the line and you can't wait to show off your baby to your friends and family. I spend a ton of extra time learning new skills, educating myself to bring you the highest level of expertise. I want you to be thankful you invested your hard earned money into hiring me. I care about each person that hires me and do my best in trying to find out what your style is and create your photo session around that. Your thoughts are most important to how I tailor your newborn session and I combine them with my creativity.

I absolutely LOVED our newborn pictures! Can't wait for our next photo session! Thanks Ingrid








I give the standard traditional looking photos such as this one below


Newborns I photographed in 2013






Buy a Maternity package and get $ off your 1st NEWBORN session



How do I book a newborn session not knowing the date?
since I specialize in newborn photography, i give each parent 2-3 weekend dates around your due date. this way if deliver early or late you will extra if you book a photo session ahead of time to get in the same week or within in the 1st 14 days of your newborn's life. . All I ask is that you can please let me know as soon as the baby is born so that I can schedule around your session.
Do you have props ?
I have at least 6 baskets full of newborn girl and boy hats, diaper covers, headbands, tutu's, cocoons, hammock, stools, baskets, antiques, baskets, doll bed. your welcome to bring extra props, clothing whatever you would like for your newborn portraits.

How do I book a newborn session not knowing the date?
What I do for newborns is I give you 2-3 weeks in case you deliver early or late you will for . All I ask is that you can please let me know as soon as the baby is born so that I can schedule around your session.

Arizona Cardinal Football player came to my studio recently. This was fun. I told him he should have brought his football with him.

Plus Leslie Styler Photography also photographed in 2014 a pro golfer's family


Babies who are 3, 6, and 9 months I have mini sessions as well as 1 hour sessions. This way you those of you who are on a more tight budget the min sessions help to get more sessions a year.

The mini portrait sessions are 30 minutes long, there is only 15 pictures but you will at least have a professional portraits taken. The first year for your baby is very important for you to get photos taken those

faces change the most the first year of their life. My Mom talked me into it when I had my first child and I did that every 3 months which I am so happy and thankful I did. If you do 1 hour sessions or mini session

at the end of the year I willl give you a free printed collage of them that year. Even if I didn't get your newborn you can send me a picture and I can create it for you with the rest of the sessions I did for you.


If you have any questions about your newborn photography session please email me at I would be happy to help you get booked and help you every step of the way.

Last May I bought a brand new Nikon D800 that barely anyone could get because everyone wanted it. This camera is unbelievably clear and sharp. You can see the drops of water on a face when it's raining. I am in love with this camera. Plus I added extra new pro lenses to my collection. I want to give my clients the best I can by using their hard earned money for pictures they will treasure for a lifetime.


Between days 4 and 12 days after birth, your 2-3 hour newborn session will take place in my Phoenix photography studio.   Following the session, I will process my selection of 25 digital images and display them in a password-protected online gallery for your ordering.  By the Wednesday after your session you will

The optimum time frame for when to hold your newborn session is between 4 and 12 days after birth.  This gives your baby time to get comfy with his new environment, to get past the peak point for jaundice (and before the peak point of infant acne), and to fall into a bit of a routine with eating and sleeping.  And,  keeps him within the period of deep, deep sleep reserved only for the newest of newborns, and preferred mold-ability.  After 12 days, your baby will become a bit more alert, making posing a bit more of a challenge, and the squishy, cuddled-up-into-a-ball positions difficult to obtain.  Plus, we get them at their tiniest and ‘newest’.

However, I wouldn’t turn away the opportunity to photograph your precious bundle while they are still a ‘newborn’.  Anytime until 6-weeks falls within this time period and after that, I suggest waiting until 3 months for your baby’s portrait or lifestyle photography session.